Perform the Quantum Leap in your business and guarantee an increase in profit through CLOSING

Join the Quantum inner circle and guarantee your results with the help of a coach at your side and Fabio Gallerani's focus on your business

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Innovative sales strategies to speed up negotiations


Action plan tailor-made for you by Fabio Gallerani


Elevate your status in the market and attract high-salaried customers

Are you feeling the pressure to scale your turnover before market instability takes over?

Do you feel saturated by the amount of time wasted on enquiries and quotes that lead nowhere?

If you are on this page, it means that you are an Entrepreneur or a high-level Professional and you think it is time to take the quantum leap into the future.

You cannot wait any longer.

Fine, you are not the only one.

Other winners who want to win more feel the same way.

Indeed, we have entered an era where traditional selling has turned from a great ally to your worst enemy.

No matter how good your product or service is or how strong your desire to succeed and help your customers…

… because of the pandemic everything has changed and the old business strategies no longer work.

If you are here, however, you have a great chance:

make the quantum leap and become LEADERS of the new digital era.

By accepting the invitation to the inner circle you will receive tailor-made support from a closing coach trained directly by Fabio Gallerani.

Not only that.

You will gain access to a group of ‘peers’ struggling to get back in control of their own success, and you will be able to forge relationships and create alliances by participating in exclusive events organised across the country every quarter.

Finally, Fabio Gallerani himself will supervise your project from above, giving detailed guidance to your closing coach to ensure, step by step, maximum performance and satisfaction.

If what you have read so far has excited you, read on…

Guaranteed results with a COACH by your side and a tailor-made plan for your business

How can you guarantee results?

Excellent question…

However, if you know Fabio Gallerani, you know that the only guarantee you can receive is this: if you do nothing to solve your business problems, no one will come to your rescue.

The way we GUARANTEE you results is based on only one certainty: you will have the support of a coach who will stay with you as long as you succeed. Guaranteed.

You get a growth plan designed directly by Fabio Gallerani that you can then implement in 24 coaching sessions tailored to your specific case.

Quantum includes ongoing tailored support from a coach specialised in the Master Closing Skill.

QUANTUM is synonymous with ‘tailor-made’.

Your CLOSING COACH will prepare sessions according to your expectations and with only one goal in mind: to increase your profits.

Empty quotes, cold calls, discounts and wasted time will be just a bad memory once CLOSING is applied to your business.

By joining QUANTUM you can have one certainty: you will no longer be alone in your climb to success.

Together we will make the quantum leap and reach new heights.

The Quantum™ is ideal for you if:

You want to make a QUANTIC LEAP in your business and increase your turnover in a scientific way

You feel that we are experiencing a period of unprecedented instability and you want to shelter yourself from any unforeseen financial setbacks

You want to receive a tailor-made business plan and successfully apply CLOSING to your business, increasing profits with less effort

You want to generate more sales of your products or services by working only with customers who pay immediately and without questioning the quality of your work

You want tailor-made protection and support through coaching, gaining guaranteed profits to cover your investment

You still haven't found someone who can give you constant and customised support tailored to your specific case

You want to free up your time and stop experiencing the stress of chasing customers, making empty quotes or answering objections and requests for information

Guarantee of Results.

At Quantum we work on guaranteed results. If after 24 sessions we have not been able to get you to make the Quantum Leap in your business and close sales effortlessly at the price you want, we will personally invest in keeping a coach by your side until you reach your goals.

Fabio Gallerani

Founder of Marketing Genius

Exclusive for the Quantum™:
VIP Access
Join as a VIP invitee (access value: 3500 euro) and get to know the entire community of winners who want to win more at the most anticipated business event of 2024
Telegram closed circle access
Get access to a telegram channel and connect directly with Fabio Gallerani, the closing coach team and all members of the QUANTUM inner circle. Make valuable connections and meet LIVE those who, like you, want to expand and dominate their industry
By joining the inner circle and entering the QUANTUM level in Closer Academy, you will be able to attend exclusive dinners in 5-star locations every quarter to meet other entrepreneurs and professionals who want the quantum leap for their business

30000 3 Payments of €10,000

Get tailor-made business strategies and guarantee an exponential increase in turnover
  • INCLUDED: Full access to Closer Academy, a 12-week mentoring program
  • Access to 12 Weeks of Live Virtual Training
  • TAILOR-MADE: 24 QUANTUM CLOSING SESSIONS with PRIVATE COACH to find solutions to every business challenge.
  • QUANTUM BONUS: LIVE Meetup with Fabio Gallerani and TEAM COACH | EXCLUSIVE TOP SECRET (value €10,000): Meet Fabio Gallerani live in 2023.
  • TICKET VIP: Access to the ALLINNERS CONFERENCE 2024 | Exclusive Live Event (value: € 3500)
  • Privilege #1: Implementation Sessions with Coaches
  • Privilege #2: Exclusive access to the "ACADEMY CLOSER
  • Privilege #3: Weekly advanced training webinar with Fabio Gallerani
  • Bonus #1: Closer Accellerator Privileged access to the first Simulation platform to boost your skills as a closer (Value €2,500)
  • Bonus #2: Guided Simulations on How to Use Closing in Your Specific Industry to Close First Sales Immediately (Value: €995)
  • Bonus #3: Professional Closer Contract: Receive a written contract from our trusted lawyers to sign agreements for your benefit as a Closer (Value €400)
  • Bonus #4: Closing Scripts: Access to a 'top secret' document with the best closer scripts and forever eliminate the risk of getting it wrong from the start (Value €500)
  • Bonus #5: High Ticket Customers: How to Find Your First High Ticket Customers And Launch Your Career (Value: €1500)
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Closing A.I. (Closing sales quickly through artificial intelligence tools)
  • SPECIAL BONUS: STRATEGIC COACHING Get a strategy session with a CLOSING COACH and receive the EXACT, turnkey action plan to apply CLOSING to your specific business.
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Our organization has been awarded by the renowned magazine Entrepreneur as the innovative training company of the year in the entire Middle East region.

In the splendid setting of Sofitel The Palm in Dubai, Allinners and Marketing Genius have been acknowledged for their incredible focus on innovation and the tangible results achieved for their clients from 2016 to the present.

Among over 70,000 companies incorporated in the UAE since 2009 through Virtuzone, receiving this recognition marks a significant milestone for a successful future together.

Discover the testimonials of entrepreneurs and professionals who have already made their Quantum Jump before you
Experiences of sharing, celebration and success:


Fabio Gallerani

Founder of Marketing Genius | Multimillionaire Mentor for Entrepreneurs | Top 100 Leader in Education

Fabio Gallerani is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who has supported thousands of high-profile businesses and professionals since 2016, sharing what works today in the world of Digital Business.

As of today, Fabio Gallerani is considered one of the foremost innovators in the sales sector worldwide, and +5000 entrepreneurs in 54+ sectors have generated +100 million in registered profit thanks to his innovative strategies contrasting with traditional sales methods.

Fabio also holds institutional positions in Italy and in the United Arab Emirates, where he daily connects with high-level businesses and entrepreneurs, sharing innovative and effective ideas with them. He interviews multimillionaire entrepreneurs on a mission in his TV studio owned by DMCC, an exclusive business area in Dubai in the Middle East.

As the Chairman of QUANTUM CLUB, an exclusive entrepreneurial circle with headquarters in Italy and the United Arab Emirates, Fabio is extremely active in supporting successful entrepreneurs to win more, going BEYOND SUCCESS to find true fulfillment.

A pioneer in Italy's CLOSING, the communicative and commercial art superior to traditional sales, Fabio is now on a mission to renew the world of Italian sales training through effective strategies adapted to the new digital world.


Marketing Genius is an entrepreneurial training institution accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities) for its high quality standards.

What is ASIC
A quality control body for universities, public schools and distance learning centres.

ASIC’s aim is to help companies and professionals make an informed decision about their education and at the same time for business schools to demonstrate their high quality standards.

Born in the UK and recognised by UK Visas and Immigration (UK Government Home Office), CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in the USA, member of BQF (British Quality Foundation), member of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).

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