Make the quantum leap in your business with tailored marketing strategies powered by Artificial Intelligence

Join the Quantum inner circle and guarantee your results with the help of a coach at your side and the attention of Matteo Pittaluga on your project

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Up-to-date A.I. strategies at the service of your company


Action plan tailor-made by Matteo Pittaluga


Dominate your sector and get back in control of your time

If you are on this page, it means that you are an entrepreneur or a top professional and think it is time to take the quantum leap into the future.

Are you feeling the pressure of modern technology advancing?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, tools and possibilities that are coming out every day?

Well, you are not alone.

We have entered an era where Artificial Intelligence dominates every aspect of business life. No matter how efficient you are, if you are not leveraging the technology, you are losing ground.

By joining the Quantum inner circle, technology becomes your ally. An experienced coach together with the direct supervision of Matteo Pittaluga will guide you step by step in the use of Artificial Intelligence tools combined with targeted strategies to give your company maximum visibility and dominate your industry.

Guaranteed results with a COACH by your side and a tailor-made plan for your business

In addition to a digital expansion plan designed directly by Matteo Pittaluga that will put the utmost focus on your business, Quantum includes ongoing tailored support from a coach specialising in automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Not only will you be able to generate targeted customer contacts every day automatically, but you will be able to delegate every aspect of your business, finally regaining control of your most important business asset: your TIME.

By belonging to the Quantum inner circle you will gain a solid understanding of how to use technology to your advantage, eliminating the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding it.

Your coach will get up to speed on what works specifically for your business, you focus on your passion: driving your business to success.

The Quantum™ is ideal for you if:

You have an established business that has not yet reached its full potential and you want to scale up quickly and avoid constantly recruiting new employees and collaborators.

You are tired of dealing with agencies that waste your time and money, theoretical courses and no explanation of how to exploit AI for your specific case.

You fear being cut off from the market and dream of freeing up your time, speeding up your success and living a full life by focusing on your family, your passions and what is important to you.

You want to stop burning money on advertising campaigns that do not deliver results and acquire high-profile customers automatically by totally delegating marketing to AI.

You want to stand out from your competitors and reach your desired target customers by exploiting AI in a saturated and confusing market to go faster than others.

Guarantee of Results.

At Quantum we work on guaranteed results. If after 24 sessions we have not succeeded in creating a system for generating new contacts automatically for your business and reducing your working hours, we will personally invest in keeping a coach by your side until these goals are achieved.

Matteo Pittaluga
President of Marketing Genius
Exclusive for the Quantum™:
VIP Access
Join as a VIP invitee (access value: 3500 euro) and get to know the entire community of winners who want to win more at the most anticipated business event of 2024
Telegram closed circle access
Get access to a telegram channel and connect directly with Fabio Gallerani, the closing coach team and all members of the QUANTUM inner circle. Make valuable connections and meet LIVE those who, like you, want to expand and dominate their industry
By joining the inner circle and entering the QUANTUM level in the AI Academy, you can participate in exclusive dinners at 5-star locations every quarter to meet other entrepreneurs and professionals who want the quantum leap for their business

30000 3 Payments of €10,000

Get tailor-made business strategies and guarantee an exponential increase in turnover
  • GUARANTEED PROFIT with Matteo Pittaluga's strategic analysis customised to your business (Value €5000)
  • MADE TO MEASURE: 24 customised strategic coaching sessions with an AI coach tailored to your specific needs
  • Advanced A.I Marketing: Get tailor-made A.I strategies to wipe out your competitors
  • INCLUDED: AI Academy with 8 customised Strategy Modules (value: 4995€)
  • INCLUDED: ALL IN MARKETING: path to automating your online marketing (value: 5000€)
  • INCLUDED: Final Certification
  • Private Telegram group with Matteo Pittaluga and other QUANTUM entrepreneurs
  • LIVE Meetup with Matteo Pittaluga and the EXCLUSIVE TOP SECRET TEAM COACH (value €10,000)
  • Access to the ALLINNERS CONFERENCE 2024 | Exclusive LIVE Event (value: € 3500)
  • RESTRAINED CHAIR; access to the high-level 'QUANTUM' group with LIVE business meetings throughout Italy
  • AI Marketing 360 Course
  • The Tool Chest
  • Guided Simulations
  • Copywriting workshop
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Our organization has been awarded by the renowned magazine Entrepreneur as the innovative training company of the year in the entire Middle East region.

In the splendid setting of Sofitel The Palm in Dubai, Allinners and Marketing Genius have been acknowledged for their incredible focus on innovation and the tangible results achieved for their clients from 2016 to the present.

Among over 70,000 companies incorporated in the UAE since 2009 through Virtuzone, receiving this recognition marks a significant milestone for a successful future together.

Discover the testimonials of entrepreneurs and professionals who have already made their Quantum Leap before you
Experience of sharing, celebration and success:
Get proximity with your MENTORS:

Matteo Pittaluga

Founder of Marketing Genius | Author | Teacher | Influencer

Matteo Pittaluga is the pioneer of practical training in digital marketing.

Fondatore di Marketing Genius, ha formato oltre 30 mila persone attraverso i suoi training pratici e di facile comprensione.

Mentore per imprenditori che vogliono digitalizzare la propria azienda, Matteo è inoltre docente universitario di Digital Marketing e Strategie Digitali.

Thanks to his experience, he is now recognised as one of the most sought-after marketing consultants in Europe.

Fabio Gallerani

Founder of Marketing Genius | Multimillionaire Mentor for Entrepreneurs | Top 100 Leader in Education

Fabio Gallerani is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who has supported thousands of high-profile businesses and professionals since 2016, sharing what works today in the world of Digital Business.

As of today, Fabio Gallerani is considered one of the foremost innovators in the sales sector worldwide, and +5000 entrepreneurs in 54+ sectors have generated +100 million in registered profit thanks to his innovative strategies contrasting with traditional sales methods.

Fabio also holds institutional positions in Italy and in the United Arab Emirates, where he daily connects with high-level businesses and entrepreneurs, sharing innovative and effective ideas with them. He interviews multimillionaire entrepreneurs on a mission in his TV studio owned by DMCC, an exclusive business area in Dubai in the Middle East.

As the Chairman of QUANTUM CLUB, an exclusive entrepreneurial circle with headquarters in Italy and the United Arab Emirates, Fabio is extremely active in supporting successful entrepreneurs to win more, going BEYOND SUCCESS to find true fulfillment.

A pioneer in Italy's CLOSING, the communicative and commercial art superior to traditional sales, Fabio is now on a mission to renew the world of Italian sales training through effective strategies adapted to the new digital world.


Marketing Genius is an entrepreneurial training institution accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities) for its high quality standards.

What is ASIC
A quality control body for universities, public schools and distance learning centres.

ASIC’s aim is to help companies and professionals make an informed decision about their education and at the same time for business schools to demonstrate their high quality standards.

Born in the UK and recognised by UK Visas and Immigration (UK Government Home Office), CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in the USA, member of BQF (British Quality Foundation), member of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).

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